Welcome to Sorbet Media

Where expertise in web development meets the technical world of the online gaming industry. Cutting edge graphics, sound and integrated platforms meld together for an engaging user-friendly web site. Offering services for all areas of website development, we support static info pages, blogs, chat, interactive video and all social media connections bringing to the customer seamless branding across the internet.

Established in 2014, our talented team of 12 developers banded together to begin delivering the online experience they believed was lacking in their RPG communities. Located in a small East End flat above a fish store, they work to remain on the cutting of edge of web design, incorporating modern programming languages such as HTML5 into their dynamic and explosive presentations.

Working with some of the best names in the industry like WilliamHill, Free spins Ltd., MrGreen casino, Ladbrokes, Casumo casino,  nd Unibet where you can play different casino like games, like roulette spelen online. Sorbet Media continues to break ground and improve profits for virtual casinos and online RPG sites alike. In recent month we have been able to include the online casino slot machine developer NetEnt to our growing list of customers after having been contracted to work on the mega joker slot machine.

4th Dimension Graphics

Expanding into the world of holograms and on-line 3D imaging, Sorbet Media’s imaging department is developing the latest in user interfaces utilizing the new 4th-Dimension Java Script. Added depth of field, moveable canvases and time-warp add-ons take promotional Youtube Videos from common to astounding.


Keep your visitors connected with a variety of chatrooms offered by our developers. Built to run side-by-side with all the latest gaming technologies, users can trash talk or strategize without popping up extra windows.

SSL Stores

Provide instant download access to potential customers with the option of online stores for your web site design. Updated with the latest encryption in the credit card processing field, transactions are protected and guaranteed.

Integrated DV65 Sound

No gamer stays glued to their screen without killer sound. Sorbet Media’s sound engineering department works tirelessly with the graphics team to provide the most active, engaging soundtracks available and present them such visitors to the website won’t want to click out. The old click and bells have been retired as Sorbet Media enters the 21st Century with atomic blasts and throbbing baselines to accentuate the excitement generated by their blazing fun sites.

Marketing Gurus

Don’t bring your online gaming site back in time, take it to the future. Sorbet Media’s marketing department understands how the search engine companies curate information from the web and know exactly how to make your page noticeable in the sea of millions of web sites. Tie your brand together across all your media outlets, including traditional platforms, with Sorbet Media’s Marketing Guru Packages. Never let your page slip into anonymity again.

24/7 Support

When it all goes pear-shaped, Sorbet Media is there to save the day. All customer files receive quadruple back-up protection, ensuring pages are located in multiple sites throughout the world such a single redundant failure will never take you offline. Their support center is manned every minute of every day to respond to problems immediately.