About Us

Established in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurial gamers, Sorbet Media seeks to expand the world of web design and development through the vigorous expansion of programming language and technology. Unwilling to take standard templates and apply them to every company in the world, Jeremy Clements and his friend Bobby Whitt developed an integrated web building programmed designed to support the dynamic video and explosive sound requirements of an active gaming community.

Eager to bring their produce to light, they enlisted the assistance of another Oxford acquaintance in Victoria Shelby. A master in client development, she contacted the CEO of William Hill gaming and energetically brought the Sorbet brand to the recognition of the elite in the online gaming world.

In under twelve months, Sorbet Media skyrocketed from a single client start-up to the designer of over 100 web gaming sites. With a 99% online rate, they have set the bar far above the industry standard of performance and seek to continue setting records for the foreseeable future.

Active in the East End community, you can find the Sorbet Media family most weekends volunteering in community gardens. Committed to ensuring ever person on the planet receives nourishment every day, they focus their charitable efforts on local food banks and soup kitchens.

Still located in the five-room flat over the local fish shop, the daily menu of chips has become tiresome. However, the buzzing neighborhood keeps their creative minds awake and challenged. They often think about upgrading their offices, but have decided the third floor walk-up suits them just fine for now.